GLA Objectives


  • Design solutions to adapt to the climate change towards heat waves and to achieve a better use of water in Amurrio, Balmaseda and Legazpi.
  • Provide the small and medium sized municipalities with a prioritisation of adaptation solutions accepted by the village and with environmental, social and economical benefits. 
  • Thanks to a public-private collaboration, in the search to promote the complementarity between public initiatives and private initiatives, with the objective of reaching innovative technological solutions and traditional solutions, which contribute to mitigate the effects of heat and better the management of water resources. Moreover, the aim is also that the adopted sustainable solutions count with the approval of the people to achieve a good adaptation of the urban areas in the demonstrative neighbourhoods of; Amurrio, Balmaseda and Legazpi. And provide, at the same time, to the small and medium sized municipalities the prioritization methodologies for adaptation solutions.
  • Raise awareness within the population concerning the possible impacts of climate change as they may be: an increase of diseases, more frequent infrastructural incidents, negative effects on biodiversity and tourism.
  • Recommendations and solutions will be presented by town councils and citizen to limit the impacts on: water, vegetation, insulation and ventilation.
  • Citizens will be consulted on the preferential solution to adopt in their municipality.
  • Plans and solutions to the green infrastructure and building restorations will be developed to achieve more comfort for the citizens regarding the evolution of the climatic conditions.
  • An evaluation of measures that help us adapt to climate change will be conducted and shared with other European regions we will collaborate with.
  • Financing:This project is developed thanks to the financial assistant of LIFE+, the financing instrument for environmental purposes of the European Commission, and it was allocated inside the sphere of adaptation to the climate change of the Call LIFE 2016.

         Life programme webpage

         Contact details of the 3 basque municipalities involved in the project.