Good Local Adapt NETWORK


Adherence to Good Local Adapt NETWORK will allow ACCESS at all times to the KNOWLEDGE generated throughout the project, with the aim of replicating these experiences in your own municipalities. The members of the Network will have the opportunity to know firsthand the methodologies, procedures and processes developed in the different actions with the pilot municipalities of the project: Amurrio, Balmaseda and Legazpi. For its part, the Network will create a channel of continuous communication, where its members can share their experiences in the implementation of the different actions and provide a framework of support in the difficulties that arise.


In particular, the Network will provide knowledge, mainly applicable in small and medium-sized municipalities, through the experience of the actions implemented in the pilot municipalities on:


(1) The processes and mechanisms that allow socialization and awareness about the adaptation to climate change among the population at the neighborhood level.

(2) Adaptation problems perceived by citizens; the acceptance of public and private adaptation initiatives, as well as traditional and novel solutions for their application in the municipality; and the most efficient incentives, identified as useful by the population, that allow the promotion of adaptation.

(3) Methodologies for prioritizing adaptation solutions at the local government level to ensure the adoption of solutions accepted by society, economically sustainable, that avoid collateral impacts and promote social, economic and environmental benefits.

(4) The normative and procedural frameworks developed with the aim of introducing adaptation in the urban planning of their municipalities.


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